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Is Your Résumé Costing You?

What is the most common complaint I hear from #jobseekers?

I will give you a hint: it’s universal across all industries, professions, and career levels.

No, surprisingly, it isn’t a lack of #employment opportunities.

It isn’t the stress of the #interview process, either.

It’s the response – or should I say, lack of response – jobseekers receive AFTER applying online for positions; positions that they know they are fully qualified for.

While a #résumé should not be a jobseeker’s only tool, it is an important one. One that holds a lot of weight in the job search process.

Good résumés get noticed – first by ‘robot readers’ and then by human eyes.

Bad resumes…. Well, the only person who notices them is the applicant not getting a response.

Good résumés generate results.

Bad résumés cost opportunities.

Want to know if your current résumé is costing you in missed opportunities? Let's connect and discuss a Résumé REVIEW.

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